The UANL Center for Internationalization is the centerpiece of internationalization efforts with its headquarters at the Vice-presidency of International Affairs and its subordinate offices.



The Vice Presidency of International Affairs coordinates the processes and manages the international cooperation agreements that our University establishes with foreign educational entities. Our mission is to establish strategic agreements that strengthen the Institutional Development Plan and at the same time favor the acknowledgement of the Institution as a world-class university by the World University Rankings.


The Vice Presidency of International Affairs is actively committed to sustaining the excellence of international academic co-operation. By 2030 our department is acknowledged for its great compliance scoreboard on inspections carried out by the Interinstitutional Committee for the Evaluation of Higher Education.



I. Registration, update, and monitoring of the international cooperation agreements of our Institution and foreign entities.

II. Maintain close communication with those responsible for international affairs in each UANL entity, in order to work in a coordinated manner with the international academic objectives within and outside our institution.

III. Monitor the implementation and execution of institutional policies and guidelines for internationalization at the relevant levels.

IV. Collaborate with international organizations to promote mobility, research, and cultural extension programs at all educational levels.

V. Coordinate visits of academic representatives and specialists to our institution. Our department also supports in the organization of international academic events.

VI. Collaborate with UANL entities, government or private bodies to define areas of development at an international level. This favors the academic and research activities of our institutions.

VII. Facilitate the procedures for students and scholarship holders with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

VIII. Contribute to the writing, editing, translation and dissemination of audiovisual material that promotes the image of our institution abroad. This will increase the exposure of our academic, cultural and research programs at our university.

IX. To represent the University in Mexico and abroad before international organizations. To promote the international collaboration of our institution.